I worked for the Vaunt brand (owned by Industrial Tool Supplies (London) Limited) for six months. 
I designed the Vaunt Home website from the ground up with only a pre-existing logo and a small brief which was to make it clean, contemporary, and to stand up to future competitors like The Range, Dunelm & Homebase.
Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator  |  Adobe Photoshop  |  Adobe Xd  |  Adobe Lightroom
I was also tasked designing and building the Vaunt, Vaunt Home & VauntX Amazon store fronts. Making all graphic elements for the storefronts including all iconography, image editing (and being in the images wearing the products), and banner creation within the Amazon specific size requirements and rules. I had full access to the ITS and Vaunt Amazon system to import all requires ASIN's into the store fronts.
See below or click button to see the live Amazon Storefront ...
Examples of "Amazon Style" images and info graphics as requested by the stakeholders
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