The below designs are all created in Adobe Illustrator.
A logo for my friend's antique business. This was a very simple brief:  "I want something personal hidden in the logo" he said. So my idea was to incorporate his very quirky tattoos into the design.
Most of his tattoos are of a nautical theme and the name of the company is the region of its location in the UK. A compass pointing to the southeast and the tattoos engraved into the compass face were signed off.  "Go for it!!" he shouted.
I loved doing this for my friend and the fact that he really appreciated the time and energy that went into this piece just made the whole project a joy to be a part of.
There is a time-lapse screen recording below of the whole process if you want to jump about and see the reference images and the illustrations taken from them to the finishing touches 

- Thanks, Jim.
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